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45 Degree Flare Elbow 90 Degree Brass Flare Female Elbow Flare Elbow Union
45 Degree Flare Elbow 90 Degree Brass Flare
Female Elbow
Brass Flare Elbow
Flare Female Connector Flare Long Nut Flare Male Branch Tee
Brass Flare Adaptor Flare Nut Long Neck Brass Flare Tee
Flare Male Connecter Flare Short Nut Flare Stop Plug
Brass Flare Union Flare Nut Short Neck Flare Seal Plug


Brass Inverted Flare Fittings

Brass Flare Union

Brass Flare Elbow

Brass Flare Cap

Reducing Flare Union

Brass Flare Long Nut

Brass Flare Adaptor

Double End Flare Union

Brass Half Flare Union

Brass Flare Seal Plug

Reducing Flare Elbow

Brass Flare Cross

Brass Flare Forged Nut

Brass Flare Tee

Brass Flare Connectors

Brass Flare Branch Tee

Brass Flare Plug

Brass Flare Union Elbow

Brass Flare Short Nut

Brass Flare Stop Plug

Double End Flare Elbow

Brass Half Flare Elbow

Brass Flare Reducer

45 Degree Flare Elbow

We are manufacturer, supplier & exporter of complete range of premium quality EMBROS Brand Brass Flare Fittings. As one of the prominent manufacturers and Exporter of Brass Flare Fittings, we use superior grade material which yield features like high strength, precise dimensions and rust resistance. Various Flare Fittings Products were Flare Forged Nut, Flare Union, Flare Connectors, Flare Tee, Flare Elbow, Flare Cap, Inverted Flare Fittings, Flare Branch Tee, Reducing Flare Union, Flare Long Nut, Flare Union Elbow, Flare Plug, Flare Short Nut, Half Flare Union, Double End Flare Union, Double End Flare Elbow, Reducing Flare Elbow, Flare Adaptor, Flare Seal Plug, Flare Reducer, Flare Cross, 45 degree Flare Elbow, Half Flare Elbow and Flare Stop Plug. We supply Brass Flare Fittings customized as per customer specifications and at the best competitive prices.


• Brass CDA-360,
• Brass IS-319 Grade III
• Brass Free Cutting High Grade & any special brass material composition as per customer specifications.

• Any special threads as per customer specifications.


• As Per Customer Specification

•  Brass Natural, Electro Tinned, Nickel, Chrome, Led, Silver, Gold, Zinc Blue or  any special finish/plating as   per customer specifications.

Use With:
• Copper Tube
• Brass Tube
• Aluminum tube.

• Working pressure up to 2000 psi with a 4:1 safety factor depending on tube size.

Temperature Rating:
• From -65° to +200° F
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